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Book Overview

Our World is Changing

Ever present nonstop change is redefining everything, challenging conventional assumptions on how the economy, healthcare, education, and businesses work. Organizations are suffering painful adjustments as they react to the latest disruptive challenges which bring new and different problems to solve.

The author believes we must expect constant disruptions and in some unexpected spheres, that we can’t look to the past for future solutions and that strategic planning as we know it, is no longer workable.

Today’s form of planning involves a process of progressive realization, the concept that knowledge, understanding, and perspectives are transient over time. Adaptive organizations are creating team-based business models designed to experiment, prototype, learn, and discover the future.

How to Manage Disruptive Change is about the art of adaptive leadership. It’s about concepts, ideas, and guidelines for rethinking the traditional business models, creating an adaptive vision of technology and talent where the focus is on the future results from today’s decisions. It’s about people exploring, learning, creating, innovating and problem-solving in an environment of accelerating change.

It’s about the overwhelming question of our time:

  • Can today’s organizations embrace change and become an adaptive enterprise?

The book describes why adaptive leadership, vision, digital transformation and winning the talent war are strategic imperatives. Demanding attention, understanding, and action. They cannot be delegated; they must be led.