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JoAnne Yates
MIT Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management
“Bob Shafto took over a failing computerization project at New England Mutual Life Insurance Company and transformed it into a leader in this area in subsequent decades. He has much to teach today’s leaders about adapting to disruptive digital transformations.”
Finished your book tonight and found it very thoughtful and visionary. The chapters on winning the talent war to deal with our changing society and technology were particularly interesting. My old organization is approaching a change in leadership and I sent a copy of your book to the CEO because I think your description of the challenges facing all organizations is spot on.
Thank you for sharing your ideas.
Len Scholl
Beware: After you’ve read this book you will think differently!
In life and business, we’ve long known that change is a constant, but that rule applies to change that “happens” to us. In How To Manage Disruptive Change, the author encourages us to take the lead in making change a fundamental part of the ever-evolving business model. Bob Shafto’s unique perspectives and insights can help us understand why and how to embrace and adapt to disruptive change. Becoming more resilient to its effects, super-charging our ability to succeed today and in the future. Beware: After you’ve read this book you will think differently!
Shari Antonissen
This is an insightful, practical book that confronts the reality of disruptive change, guiding today’s leaders to become more adaptive as they progress in their careers. The book offers a repository of ideas, concepts and guiding principles for organizational debate, discussion, and decision-making in a world where technology, innovation, and business models are changing at a fanatic pace.
Brents Herron
Must Read!
Must read for any professional no matter what industry you’re in!